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In Reach Elite Forces command positions are distributed according to approved applications. Applications are made through a system on the main website which put you on a waiting list. As a rule of thumb anyone can apply for a command position, however higher positions require a succesfull rotation in a position that is directly beneath the requested position in the chain of command. Also a time investment that goes beyond the normal operation hours is expected of the commanders which includes time for training and planning for operations.

Positions are rotated through every 12 weeks. This means that once you have been assigned to a command position you get 12 weeks of commanding in that position before someone else takes your place.

In our current structure command positions go as follows:

Positions and ranks
Position Rank(s)
Petty Sergeant
Lance Corporal

In order to get a position one must request it before the rotation starts. One can request a position he has previously commanded or alternatively upon completion of a successful rotation a position one (1) higher in hierarchy. If one doesn't have previous successful rotations as commander one must complete a written exam in order to request the lowest tier command position. Each tier has its own waiting list from which the commanders will be picked in order of request. One can have only one (1) active request per waiting list. One can make only one (1) request per week. If chosen for a command position all other requests by one are removed. One can withdraw ones request(s) at any time.

If one affects the experiences of ones subordinates in an overly negative way one can be replaced at any time during the rotation. Alternatively if one repeatedly affects the experience of ones subordinates in any negative way one can be replaced at any time during the rotation. In the case of replacement due to the above reasons ones requests on the waiting lists are removed and ability to request command positions for future rotations is determined by staff on a case by case basis. Additionally ones rank is reverted back to the rank one had before taking a command position.

In the case of a mid-rotation replacement if there is more than 6 weeks left on the current rotation the next request from the waiting list is selected. If there is 6 or less weeks left on the rotation a suitable person is selected from the community with previous command experience in that role by the staff.

After two (2) weeks of being in a command position if one is not being replaced due to poor performance one is promoted to the rank reflective of ones current command position. If one has previously completed a rotation successfully in the same lead tier, the rank he is promoted to is one (1) higher than his previous rotation on that tier however not surpassing the maximum rank defined for the aforementioned tier

Two (2) weeks after a rotations' start the ranks of previous rotations commanders that aren't in a command position in the current rotation have their rank reset to the rank they held before entering a command position.

At the end of a rotation ones perfomance is reviewed by the staff. At this time a decision is made wether one can apply to a position higher that ones current one based on ones performance during the rotation.

If one isn't able to participate on an operation a temporary replacement is selected. In this case the position will be primarily filled by a staff member. However if no staff member is available then a member is selected from the general infantry who has successfully completed a rotation in that command tier.

It is expected that if one has requested a command position that one is available for all the operations and planning sessions for the duration of the rotation. Furthermore if one is in the position of company lead one is expected to organize said planning sessions and draw up battle plans and QBO's for each operation.

If one gets assigned a command position and one can't fulfill his obligations as a commander in the upcoming rotation one can request to be passed for that rotation. In this case one would retain his position on the waiting list and the next person on the list would be selected.

Other units that are not directly infantry (wolf, phoenix, storm) have more static commanders and their ranks would be Sergeant Major for the unit commander (same as platoon lead) and Master Sergeant for the 2IC (section leader).