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Ranks and their short names. These abbreviations are to be used in your in game profiles as well as your Teamspeak name.


Image Rank Abbreviation
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/defa47074d112c77b4c4de301261071f67354aee/0x0.png Recruit Rct

When a member signs up at Reach Elite Forces, once approved he or she gains the rank Recruit (abbreviation Rct.|), this is what was previously known as applicant and is essentially a trial period. When the Recruit has attended two weeks of Tuesday operations / training, the staff award them the rank of Specialist (Spc.|). This trial period is designed for members to work out whether they enjoy playing with us at Reach and would like to stick around further, and likewise for us to assess whether they are suited for our community. The large majority of members will pass through this stage without issue.

Enlisted and NCO


Image Rank Abbreviation
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/e29cb81655ed4ac4e3c99c1a5dc88b9e6b7802ac/0x0.png Specialist Spc
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/89102505009f18eeafe7864b9e251ada64e070cd/0x0.png Specialist 2 Spc2
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/46d6f0d5c7bc688c0fa022e9cd590fe45102aaba/0x0.png Specialist 3 Spc3

The ranks Specialist (Spc.|), Specialist 2 (Spc2.|) & Specialist 3 (Spc3.|) are the general infantry ranks. These are obtainable by all members but are awarded via a combination of experience, dedication to Reach, knowledge and skill. We want new members to be able to look to the higher ranks for guidance, this tier is an easy way to dictate to newer members and your peers who can be turned to for advice, guidance or help. To rank up here you need to be a model member who new players and leaders can rely upon in the field. Any ranks tiers above Specialist are assigned based on your battlefield role.

Image Rank Abbreviation
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/491c3f5a7a94a004540a6e4ede0d97fc2ceb7602/0x0.png Lance Corporal LCpl
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/54163fcef92746610b756b3a2e6e38c89d52edab/0x0.png Corporal Cpl

2iC: This tier is awarded to 2iCs only. During your very first rotation you will be assigned the rank Lance Corporal (LCpl.|). After your first rotation is completed, no matter when in the future you are assigned another 2iC rotation (whether that be the second or third time) you will attain the rank of Corporal (Cpl.|).

Image Rank Abbreviation
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/b6aa2dfa2ff223f0117af56d5608296b1fc8b03c/0x0.png Petty Sergeant PSgt
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/f1ef5cd577055d3eafd5d533330e0af4e4eb9dad/0x0.png Sergeant Sgt

Section Lead: As with the 2iC tier, these ranks are assigned based on your previous history in the role. In your first rotation you will be ranked Petty Sergeant (PSgt.|), any additional rotations you will be assigned the rank Sergeant (Sgt.|). Platoon Lead: Platoon leads

Image Rank Abbreviation
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/c8d6d62036ed9784e285eb673cf53206d4701083/0x0.png Captain Cpt

Platoon Lead: Platoon leads are assigned the rank of Captain (Cpt.|).

Image Rank Abbreviation
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/f4678d52636861cf7493e0e060934602073b15dd/0x0.png Major Maj

Company Lead: Company Leads are assigned the rank of Major (Maj.|).


Image Rank Abbreviation
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/aed3cac2749210c18bde490c008d07206c883473/0x0.png Airman Am
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/6876bedc7a8965ce43763371927df9fc042be341/0x0.png Flight Sergeant FltSgt
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/f91670e41c410edb217a9a1597cf1b0f3cbda58c/0x0.png Flight Lieutenant FltLt
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/6913b36e9feb9f605550c01ffcc5df33fccb1502/0x0.png Squadron Lead SqnLdr


Image Rank Abbreviation
http://www.reacheliteforces.com/media/rank/2bdcc37327f6ff27fa5eb9b54df52e23ac782c3f/0x0.png NATO Staff NATO

Staff: Staff are outside of the ranking system and will simply be shown with the above logo. They will run with the tag NATO.| in game and their forum name colour is gold.