Respawn Guide

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Respawn Guide

Quick Version

1. Look for a pilot 2. Radio team lead/higher for a pilot 3. If not able to make radio contact, use text chat to ask for a pilot

Never attempt to reinsert yourself.

Friendly Version

So you died (or got held up and arrived late), that sucks, but once you've spent a second or two reflecting on the events and decisions that have lead you to this point you'll probably want back in the action as soon as possible. So what's the best way of doing that? PILOTS! Pilots are your friend here, they can fly you back to the AO and drop you off at the nearest possible LZ to your team in a matter of minutes and you just have to sit and wait for the wheels to hit the ground. So how do you locate your friendly MOB pilot?

First, take a quick scan around, a pilot may have already spotted you and will be heading over to tell you where to go. If not, here's what you do.

The simplest way to organise a re-insertion is to check your map for a STORM marker, this marker will show you the current location of Storm's commander who will be your first point of contact in arranging a ride back to the fight. If you check your map and there is no STORM marker visible/nearby then he may be off flying (kinda what they like to do) so your next best step is to head towards the collection of helicopters at the MOB to see if there is a pilot waiting there for passengers. If you are unable to find a pilot then you will need to alert someone to your predicament.

The best tool will be your short wave radio, use it to attempt to contact your team leader. It's likely that they will be out of range but it's quick and worth a try. If that fails then attempt to make contact with someone in HQ on frequency 32 or with Storm on frequency 40, tell them your name and location and that you require transport and they will get a helicopter to you. If you cannot reach anyone on your short wave then take a long range radio backpack from the supply box and try that instead, the frequencies will be the same you just need to use Alt+P to open it for setting frequencies and Ctrl+Caps Lock to transmit.

If you've looked everywhere for a pilot, you've tried to contact people and alert them to your presence and nothing is working then feel free to open up the in-game chat and simply send the message "Need re-insertion" in side chat and someone will send help your way, however this is a last resort. Chances are your team is aware that you are KIA and will have notified the relevant personnel that you will be needing a lift anyway.