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Community Rules

  • If you cannot attend a series (2+ weeks) of training sessions or main operations, you must put an LOA on the site.
    If you sign up for a role and fail to attend 2 weeks in a row, later sign ups will cause you to automatically go in reserves until you successfully attend.
  • No racist remarks or abusive behaviour directed towards others in the community.
  • No deliberate team killing except during a PvP event.
  • If you miss a training operation you will be placed in reserves the following Operation Night

Operation Rules

  • Follow the instructions of your superior during operations.
  • Only equip yourself with appropriate and allowed gear for your role, exceptions are at the discretion of leaders. Helmets must be worn outside of base perimeters.
  • Use proper channels and assets to reinsert after a respawn or late arrival. Refer to Respawn Guide for details.
  • No chatter when superiors need to speak or during a briefing.
  • Members will only listen to frequencies relevant to their position, except when superiors are incapacitated.