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Active 2013-present day
Branch Reach Elite Forces
Type Airforce
Nickname Storm
CO Leshrack
2IC Shampoo
Frequency 44.4 LR/SR

Storm is the air component of Reach Elite Forces. Members of Storm operate all air action including air support and air logistics. Storm is also responsible for the CASEVAC. Storm specializes in utilizing several different types of aircraft. The current list of aircraft can be founded in the Equipment section.


Joining Storm

Anyone can request transfer to Storm and acquire an air force rank. The applicant will have had to complete the basic rifleman certification. In order to start flying, pilots are required to complete certain certifications. When you start your career in the air force you will mostly be tasked as a crewman operating the mini-guns or being a load master. Due to limited slots during operations you might not be able to have a pilot role every week. A rotation is in place where all air force personnel are rotated equally around the Storm slots. Once you acquire more certifications and experience in the field you can start doing tasks with more responsibility, and start piloting your own aircraft. Pilots with more advanced certifications will get priority on the specific task they are certified in. For example, if you have the logistics certification, you will be prioritized to fly the transport helicopters when they are needed.

To request transfer to Storm, please visit the Storm subforum (members only) here.


Name Image Type
A-10A Thunderbolt Close Air Support, Ground Attack Fighter
A-164 Wipeout Close Air Support, Ground Attack Fighter
C-130J Super Hercules Transport
F-16C Fighting Falcon Multirole Fighter, Air Superiority Fighter
F/A-18/E Super Hornet Multirole Fighter
F/A-18/F Super Hornet Multirole Fighter
AH-1Z Viper Attack Helicopter
AH-9 Pawnee Light Attack Helicopter
AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter
AH-99 Blackfoot Attack Helicopter
CH-47F Chinook Transport Helicopter
CH-49 Mohawk Transport Helicopter
CH-67 Huron Transport Helicopter
Hellcat Multi-Purpose Utility Helicopter
MH-9 Hummingbird Light Observation Helicopter
UH-1Y Venom Utility Helicopter
UH-60M Black Hawk Transport Helicopter
UH-80 Ghost Hawk Transport Helicopter
Other vehicles
UGV Stomper Unmanned Ground Vehicle